How to Effectively Brainstorm?

Brainstorming is a group problem-solving technique that involves the spontaneous production of innovative ideas and solutions. This strategy involves an active, free-flowing debate in which each member of the group is urged to think aloud and contribute as many ideas as possible based on their different areas of knowledge. Brainstorming is a skill that all small/big teams should master in order to hone their collective problem-solving skills. Learn about the best techniques for effective brainst

Sukanya Pant

Posted on Oct 20, 2022
How to effectively break down large projects into manageable pieces of tasks in a GTD way.

Getting Things Done is a best-selling personal productivity system authored by David Allen. The book created a new technique for productivity and the acceptance of this method made it shoot to unprecedented fame. GTD isn't another to-do list system. GTD gives a clear recipe for how to organize your entire to-do list that works and gets things done.

Jiten Madia

Posted on Oct 06, 2022
How to choose between different qualitative research platforms

If you have ever gone on a quest to finding an online qualitative research platform, you will understand the wide spectrum of platforms and the multitude of different features they offer. The dilemma of having too many options is clearly exemplified during this search. Online qualitative platforms offer a range of different services that have nothing in common except for the fact that they are in the online mode, and don't provide numerical data.

Jiten Madia

Posted on Sep 30, 2022
How to choose between offline and online research

Market research is the process of determining whether a new good or service is viable through interviews with potential customers. Organisations or corporations can use this technique to identify their target market, gather and record comments, and make wise decisions. Both online and offline research have advantages and disadvantages. Online research works best for some people, while offline research works best for others. Finally, choose what is best and most convenient for you.

Sukanya Pant

Posted on Sep 29, 2022
How to incentivize Gen Z for Qualitative Research participation?

A widespread belief is that we can get all kinds of respondents with the right amount of money. While that may not be untrue, research practitioners (field agencies and research agencies) should try to become more creative around participation incentivization. Traditional incentivization methods may have the same effect anymore, and research companies need to shift their focus toward incentives more suited to the younger generation.

Jiten Madia

Posted on Sep 15, 2022
How can improved workflow make research more efficient?

Workflow refers to a series of activities that are necessary to be completed in the process of completing a task. The workflow includes all processes required for the successful accomplishment of a work goal. In a workflow, every step has a specific step succeeding it, except for the last step. An efficient workflow increases productivity, while at the same time minimizing time, effort and materials required.

Sukanya Pant

Posted on Sep 08, 2022
How to correctly practice the Pomodoro technique?

A very large number of individuals follow the Pomodoro method to increase their productivity. It has proven to be a great time saver and increases the amount of work done in a day. Try practicing the Pomodoro technique yourself, and maybe it could surprise you as well!

Sukanya Pant

Posted on Sep 01, 2022
How interactive transcripts help in qualitative data analysis?

flowres provides interactive transcripts at honest prices, making your qualitative research data accessible and well collated. With easy to use features, using interactive transcripts by flowres can open the gates to faster and much more effortless qualitative research analysis. Reach out to [email protected] to learn more about employing interactive transcripts to fulfil your qualitative research requirements.

Sukanya Pant

Posted on Aug 25, 2022
Top 3 Video Conferencing Platforms for Online Qualitative Research

In the world of market research, qualitative research plays a major role in ascertaining and understanding user experience. Qualitative research involves the collection and analysing of non-numerical data, which includes attitudes, experiences, and ideas. Qualitative research can be in the form of text, audio or video.

Sukanya Pant

Posted on Aug 18, 2022
How to develop Consumer Empathy at scale by utilizing Online Consumer Qualitative Research Platforms?

Empathy is when one can put oneself in another’s shoes, and truly feel what they’re feeling. Empathy means feeling what the other is feeling, and actively understanding their emotions. Consumer empathy too, means understanding and applying what the consumer feels. It is a value that all businesses should inculcate, since is has consumer satisfaction at it’s core.

Sukanya Pant

Posted on Aug 11, 2022
Benefits of Client Backrooms while conducting Qualitative Research

Flowres provides a virtual client backroom for all the Zoom meetings at a nominal cost. Now you can convert your Zoom meetings into more professional market research meetings without burning a hole in your research budget. Reach out to [email protected] to know more about how flowres can make your research efficient more efficient and hassle free. 

Ekta Sisodiya

Posted on Aug 03, 2022
How to Effectively Conduct Online Focus Groups

Online focus groups are a great way to get feedback from a large number of people quickly and easily. The future of research will undoubtedly involve conducting focus groups online. However, to ensure that the focus group is effective, it is important to moderate it effectively. In order to do this, you should make sure that the group is organized and that the participants are engaged. You should also make sure that the discussion is on track and that everyone has a chance to participate.

Ekta Sisodiya

Posted on Jul 27, 2022
How to do User Research through Online Qualitative Research Platforms?

Although they merely skim the surface, these strategies can help you get your user research projects off the ground. The most crucial thing is to be certain of what you want to learn and to use the technique you believe will lead to the quickest and most insightful realizations. If not, you risk wasting a lot of time gathering and studying data that isn't really necessary.

Ekta Sisodiya

Posted on Jul 20, 2022
How to socialize your research findings within your organization?

Because organizations are intricate social systems, research findings frequently have trouble getting from the researcher to the people who need to hear them. Many researchers hope that their research will have some impact on policy. There are many ways to increase consumption of research, and it is important to select the ones that will help you reach the audience you most want to impact.


Posted on Jul 15, 2022
How much time does a Qualitative Researcher spend in a Project Execution

A qualitative researcher must understand a situation through close observation and analysis. They will draw on methods for triangulating data, using both quantitative and qualitative research processes. They are charged with eliciting an in-depth understanding of topics from their participants but also have a responsibility to ensure that the process is ethical and respectful of cultural values.


Posted on Jul 08, 2022
5 critical steps to make the Research Agency more profitable

If you are running a market research agency, you're familiar with the fast-paced work environment—your staff needs to work quickly and thoughtfully while managing internal and external expectations. It's not an easy task. And then, there is the ever-changing role of technology in our lives.  


Posted on Jun 29, 2022
What is Deep Work? How to make space for 'Deep Work' in your typical working day?

The concept of ‘Deep Work’ may feel fancy in this constantly distracted world. Carving out few hours away from all communication devices to focus on cognitively demanding and creative tasks is not easy. So how do you really cultivate the ability to do more and more 'Deep Work'?

Jiten Madia

Posted on Jun 10, 2022
How to cultivate personal productivity as a Qualitative researcher?

We live in the age of information overload, and several distractions consciously challenge our attention throughout the day. An average office worker receives 121 emails per day and sends around 40 emails for business purposes. We see about 6000 to 10000 ads every day, How do we ensure personal productivity in such challenging times?


Posted on Jun 09, 2022