A Complete Qualitative Research Platform.

Flowres is an online qualitative research tool designed to make qualitative research collaborative, data integration and cloud-managed. Focus on research, not execution hassles.

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Why flowres is a Complete Qualitative Research Platform?

flowres is an online qualitative research tool designed to make qualitative research collaborative, data integrated and cloud managed.

Video Conferencing Powered by Zoom

Experience the robustness and user-friendliness of Zoom with features built with Qualitative research fieldwork needs in mind. Flowres automates repetitive tasks like technical compatibility checks, respondent reminders, and file transfer from the cloud.

Incentive Distribution

Distribute Amazon gift vouchers as incentives to multiple respondents with a few clicks. 

Client Backroom

Separate observer backroom where they can observe respondents and chat with the moderator, without interfering in the meeting discussion.

Clipping & Eureka Moments

Different observers can save interesting moments while watching focus groups as well as post-focus groups. Ensures quick retrieval of data. Cut clips of interesting moments for client presentations easily.

Interactive Transcripts

Ability to shift between text and video at any point in the file. Search through transcripts with keywords and analyze your fieldwork data quickly and efficiently. Optional human transcription with 99% accuracy.

Content Analysis

Tabular verbatim analysis by cohort, themes and keywords. Searchable and navigable with sentiment analysis capabilities. Powered by AI. Enhanced by humans.

Flowres in one of the best qualitative research organization which is integrating video tools like Zoom will ensure your qualitative fieldwork can be scheduled, tracked, and conducted from the same place.
Communication and Document Management

All documents shared between project teams remains in one place in the project folder.

The All-In-One Qualitative Research Tool You've Been Searching for

Flowres is an online qualitative research tool designed to make qualitative research collaborative, data integration and cloud-managed. Focus on research, not execution hassles.

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Improved Collaboration

Unlimited users for each project. Let all the project members including external suppliers foster and improve collaboration with communication integration, Task management and document management.

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Agile Process

The entire process is cloud-managed enabling seamless work and data flow.

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Reliable Support Services

Support services like recruitment, discussion guide writing, screener writing, moderation and project management are provided by vetted suppliers of myMRPlace and language services like transcription, translation and interpretation are delivered through the experienced team of myTrancriptionPlace.

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In website chat available

A live chat link within flowres to connect with our Tech team. We typically revert within a few hours. Dedicated live support can be availed at additional cost round the clock even on Weekends.

Improve Team Collaboration with flowres



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flowres is meant to be useful for Qualitative research practitioners regardless of their organizational size. Working on Qualitative research involves a lot of collaboration. If your project involves collaboration flowres is going to be a valuable tool.

flowers run on the most secure infrastructure. Same as leading websites like Uber and Airbnb does. flowres also complies with the most stringent data privacy guidelines set up by GDPR.

flowres is a culmination of our experience of working with more than 2000+ research projects, 100+ buyers, and 560+ research suppliers. flowres is absolutely user-friendly. But don’t take our word for it. Signup and experience for yourself. And if you still need our help, we are always here. We will walk that extra mile to help you regardless of whether you are a free or a paid user.

There is a flowres app as well though not with full features. It has mainly messaging functionality right now.

Yes. With flowres, you can onboard agency suppliers as well as freelancers.

flowres is hosted on Amazon Web Infrastructure.