Transparent Pricing

At flowres, we believe in the importance of clarity and transparency. We want to tell you clearly how much does our services cost and what are the exact inclusions and exclusions. We have a simple per hour project costing pricing. We would love to reveal our prices with you. All you need to do is share your email below and we will email the pricing of all our Products & Services to you directly.


Please check if your question has been answered here before emailing us! We'd love to chat, but this saves our time and yours!

Flowres is designed for efficient and effective qualitative research. All flowres plans, therefore, are collaboration-focused and hence they come with unlimited users both internal and external.

Concurrency is the ability to conduct multiple sessions at the same time. 2 concurrent sessions mean you will be able to conduct 2 customer conversations at the same time. You can add concurrent sessions temporarily for a month by adding 20 USD for each session.

We have a monthly plan as well but if you want to enjoy a discount of 17% you can opt for an annual plan.

Don’t worry. Your fieldwork will not be affected. We will allow you to go certain hours beyond your monthly allowable limit. You will need to pay for the additional hours consumed in the next billing cycle. Each plan comes with a certain allowance.

First of all, relax. Your project will not get interrupted because you run out of storage space. We will intimate you post your live conversation gets over and let you either create more storage space or help you buy an additional secure storage space as per your need.

Yes. Absolutely. We have a separate per hour session pricing for 'Pay-as-you-Go'. We require an upfront payment or an upfront purchase order for the number of hours to be consumed plus the platform fee for the required duration.

Yes. We will allow credit transfers from one plan to another. Please contact your sales representative in case you wish to upgrade.

Flowres is designed with consumer-grade convenience. We know our customers will still require a little bit of handholding. Each flowres plan comes with a promise of pre-project training with our talented customer champion team. Our customer champion team will explain the product as well as help you get started with some hands-on practice. We have helped customers self-learn all flowres within 45 minutes starting from sign up!

Besides, there are several tutorial videos that are available within flowres for every functionality.

Absolutely. You can do dry runs. It will still count towards your usage limit though.

Standard Support is available 24/5 on all projects. We offer in-platform support via Chat with a turnaround time of a couple of hours. You can also mail us at [email protected] to receive a revert within 24 hours.

Premium technical support is available 24/7 for an additional 20 USD per hour. With the Titanium plan, if continuous support is purchased, the cost can go down to 10 USD per hour with dedicated resources.

Flowres team understands different use cases for different customers and scenarios. With full service and self-service both options, customers need to define research needs and customer requirements. In the case of full service, our team will help you find customers, write a discussion guide, schedule customer interviews/focus groups, moderate the interview and if required write a report for the research. Whereas the self-serve option means you will do all the above-mentioned services yourself or bring your partners.

We do have a la carte pricing where you can get any intermediate services at predefined prices.

Same-day transcription is a service where transcribers start working on transcription right when the customer interaction starts, and transcripts are available within a few hours of finishing customer conversations. This is achieved through the express scheduling of transcribers.

We cover more than 70 languages for transcription and translation and 35+ languages for live translation/interpretation. We have transparent prices over here - myTranscriptionPlace

Flowres is backed by myMRPlace. myMRPlace network has 550+ verified partners across 80+ countries. Apart from popular markets across North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, myMRPlace can help you serve some lesser-researched markets like Kazakhstan, Laos, Fiji etc. thanks to our strong partner network.

Most of the additional services can be arranged within 24 hours. Services like recruitment can take up to a week depending upon the incidence rate. Services such as moderation, discussion guide writing, screener writing, and interpretation will need a prior intimation of 48 hours (unless we create contracts where we pre-identify the resources for you, and we can bring down the intimation time to 24 hours or less). Translation and transcription can be ordered as per the delivery options. We offer services like the Same Day transcription a prior intimation of 24 hours.