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User limit    3 75 Unlimited
No. of projects    Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
No. of external agencies/freelancers    Upto 50 Unlimited Unlimited
Storage    5 GB 15GB per user
Managed Zoom meetings    Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Respondent tech checks   
Respondent technical compatibility check for Camera, Microphone and Internet
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Project messaging    Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mobile app (Android/iOS)   
Automated SOW, Invoices & Contracts Coming soon
Automated transcripts Coming soon
Interactive transcripts Coming soon
Professional Services Coming soon
Ability to hire professional services like Human transcription, translation, DG writing, screener writing, report writing
Managing Respondent database Planned
Consent forms and NDA management Coming Soon
Project enquiry initiation (post a project) Planned
Creating contracts with suppliers Coming Soon
Managing payment to suppliers Coming Soon
Managing incentive to respondents Coming Soon
Sentiment Analysis Planned
Automated video content analysis Planned
Video content aggregation based on preselected keywords
Wordcloud Planned
Moderator/Interpreter booking Planned
External video upload for analysis purpose Planned
Digital Diary platform Planned
Online/Digital diary with capabilities to assign tasks to respondents, capture text, audio and video inputs, sentiment analysis, response seggregation
Recruit 3rd party agencies Coming Soon
Ability to find a recruitment agency to help from 3rd party fieldwork agencies
Project status tracking and update Planned
Qualitative researchers community Coming Soon
Multi Country Project Coordination Planned

Frequently Asked Question

Spends time on meaningful thinking tasks, not on project management

Signing up requires no credit card! We will only ask you when start adding more than the free limit, i.e., 3 users. Credit card details are securely stored on file with payment providers such as Stripe.
The user limit is counted against the number of your own team members you invite. Your supplier invite will not be billed.
Each user gets 20 GB of space along with their subscription. All user limits are added towards the organization's space limit. For instance, if there are 20 users from the same organization the total space available to the organization is 400 GB.

If you need additional space, it can be bought at 10 USD for 100 GB.
We would really like to have you experience the collaboration benefits before you pay for it.
No. Flowres has no setup cost.
No. You will still need your own Zoom Account.