99%+ Accurate Automated, Interactive Transcription Across 19 Languages

Experience the power of AI with human curation. Our patent pending voice to text algorithms are specifically trained on medical and healthcare data to generate 95%+ accuracy. This can be further augmented in real time with experienced human linguists across 19 key European languages.

Video Conferencing Powered by

Experience the robustness and user friendliness of Zoom, amped up with features built with Qualitative research fieldwork needs in mind. Flowres automates repetitive tasks like technical compatibility checks, respondent reminders, file transfers, centralized communication.

Virtual Backroom with Eureka Moments and Note Taking

Bring in observers to watch the online interaction as a live stream, chat with the moderator without interrupting the discussion, and take timestamped notes within the application Observers can also bookmark their favorite moments.

Video clipping, tagging and reel making

Select the text and create a video clip of interesting moments! Share for client presentations, name and tag the video clips, and create reels to share with clients. Analyze clips by different cohorts and tags.

Automated Incentive Distribution

Distribute incentives as Amazon gift vouchers and Virtual Visa Cards across 200 countries.

The All-In-One Qualitative Research Tool You've Been Searching for

Built by research professionals, for researchers

Market research tools help you get to grips with your market and audience, faster. Here are 4 of the best market research tools you can use for understanding the market situation.
Improved Collaboration

Unlimited users for each project. Let all the project members, including external suppliers, connect and collaborate in one place – with email integration, Task management and document management.

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Agile Process

Amp up insight generation with a seamless, cloud managed process with ease of use, coupled with on-the-fly analysis capability.

Qualitative research gathers rich data about experiences, motivations, beliefs and mental and social dynamics. It strives for understanding, holistic descriptions and deep insights. Find out some interesting qualitative research tools software of 2022
Reliable Services Layer

Access services like recruitment, discussion guide writing, screener writing, moderation, and project management. Vetted suppliers from myMRPlace can be accessed in a single click, and interaction triggered seamlessly.
The experienced team at myTrancriptionPlace can deliver transcription, translation and interpretation in real time.

Coming Soon

Instant Summaries
Summarize and question your unstructured qualitative data with unparalleled ease through summaries.
Unparalled Ease of Recruitment
Recruit and invite patients, doctors, hospital administorators, Lab technicians right from flowres.io
Access to Research Experts and Pros
Need helping hands? Reach out to moderators, interpreters, fieldwork agencies and more across 80+ countries with myMRPlace partner network.