Why choose flowres for Interactive Transcript

Interactive transcripts improve the transcription process and provide clickable and searchable stamps in your transcript.

Better comprehension

Using interactive transcripts makes understanding data much easier as it provides a faster link between different keywords and time frames. This allows for a better experience comprehending large amounts of video and audio for various purposes. Using flowres interactive transcripts provides you with an easy user interface, aiding in flawless interpretation.

Improved co-ordination

Since interactive transcripts provide clickable captions, coordinating tasks between teams becomes much more effortless. The complicated task of dictating transcripts and finding only parts of videos you need becomes efficient with the use of interactive transcripts. You can cut clips and share only a specific video portion or directly coordinate between the given time stamp to make for seamless interaction between different team members.

Easier navigation

Shifting between different video portions becomes much more manageable by including clickable time frames and corresponding transcripts. Switching between other transcripts and organizing the same according to your requirement becomes effortless. One does not need to spend as much time navigating between different video files and long documents to understand the content of the data.

Saves time

Due to the nature of interactive transcripts, the cumulative features make it a great time saver for any organization. The time taken for moving between large amounts of data or searching for particular information is also cut short.

Less efforts

The features of interactive transcripts such as searchability and navigability make for an effortless experience. The difficulty of allocating and coordinating between data becomes much more manageable and smoother. Less effort also leads to more productivity and overall work done.

Features of

Interactive Transcript

Search and navigation

flowres provides the ability to search different keywords and clips in the given transcript. It makes relevant data accessible to the user without going through multiple files and hours of video content.

Eureka moments

With interactive transcripts from flowres, you can save part of a video to return to at a later stage or to reference for other purposes. This feature allows you to select and save specific portions of a video or video transcript and bookmark certain clips.


flowres also offer an option to download a transcript for the video/audio you provide. You can use the downloaded PDF version and have it available whenever possible.

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Flowres is an online qualitative research tool designed to make qualitative research collaborative, data integration and cloud-managed. Focus on research, not execution hassles.

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Improved Collaboration

Unlimited users for each project. Let all the project members including external suppliers foster and improve collaboration with communication integration, Task management and document management.

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Agile Process

The entire process is cloud-managed enabling seamless work and data flow.

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Reliable Support Services

Support services like recruitment, discussion guide writing, screener writing, moderation and project management are provided by vetted suppliers of myMRPlace and language services like transcription, translation and interpretation are delivered through the experienced team of myTrancriptionPlace.


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Flowres is ISO 27001: 2022 certified, which is gold standard in Information security. All the data is stored and maintained as per GDPR and HIPAA compliance standard across Amazon Web Servers.

Flowres provides a 24 x 5 support across timezones through Live chat, email and phone. Our average revert time is around 10 mins. Live support for ongoing session is available at extra price of 15 USD per hour available 24 x 7.

Zoom, Teams and Google meet are great. (So, great that rather than developing our own platform, we decided to use Zoom). But they are just video conferencing platforms. Video conferencing is important but just one need of Qual process. Flowres provides Backroom, Accurate automated transcription across multiple languages , Incentive processing in 200 countries, Eurkea moments, Note taking, Tagging, Video clipping and reel making as well as Text Analytics and Summary capabilities apart from value added services like tech checks, respondent reminders, consent forms collection and many more.

It's true that flowres is an online qualitative research platform and hence it provides ability to run online qual research hand to hand. Flowres also has several text analytics, video clipping and reel making abilities that is useful even for offline research projects.

flowres is created with collaboration needs in mind. We allow unlimited users and even suppliers to collaborate with.