Enhancing User Research Efficiency: How flowres.io Revolutionized an EdTech Company's Workflow

Jun 13, 2023, Jiten Madia

In the dynamic landscape of education technology (edtech), staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. One of our edtech clients discovered the transformative power of Flowres.io, an online qualitative research platform that streamlined their research processes and significantly improved their product development efficiency.  

By harnessing our platform's unique feature of bookmarking live conversation moments and automatically generating video clips, the company was able to enhance their product development tasks, saving valuable time and resources. 


The client is an Artificial Intelligence based Learning Platform which focuses on delivering both, ‘personalized’ and ‘adaptive’ learning. As an edtech company, our client is focused on developing cutting edge innovative solutions that are based on consumer feedback,  

As a product development process, the internal team has mandate to suggest all the product improvements through JIRA and all product improvements should be backed by user videos.  


With a team of 60 Engineers and 12 UX research experts, it was very imperative to ensure that the product development process is streamlined and collaboration is done in a manner that doesn’t slow down the product development.   

The  UX research team will have minimal or no time post user testing to ensure that user feedback is rolled into the product. The timeline pressures meant sometime the UX team had to deliver the feedback on the same day or within a day. One of the task that UX team had to champion is to attach the user feedback video clips while suggesting product modifications. UX team struggled with manual processes of capturing and utilizing live conversation moments during qualitative research. The arduous task of manually cutting clips from hours of recorded sessions consumed valuable time and hindered the team's ability to focus on analyzing and interpreting the data effectively. 

The Discovery of Flowres.io:  

Recognizing the need for a more efficient research solution, the edtech company stumbled upon Flowres.io. The platform offered a unique feature that allowed them to bookmark important moments during live conversations and instantly generate video clips. Intrigued by the potential of this tool, the company decided to integrate it into their research workflow. 

Implementation and Benefits:  

Upon implementing Flowres.io, the edtech company experienced immediate benefits that revolutionized their research process. They were now able to effortlessly bookmark Eureka Moments (key conversation moments) in real-time, eliminating the need for laborious manual clip cutting. This newfound efficiency not only saved the team hours of work but also enabled them to allocate more time to data analysis and interpretation. 

Enhanced Product Development: With Flowres.io's bookmarking feature, the edtech company found a novel way to leverage qualitative research data in their product development tasks. By capturing and bookmarking live conversation moments that provided valuable insights into user needs, pain points, and preferences, the company was able to generate concrete evidence to support their product decisions. These bookmarked moment videos served as compelling evidence to validate the development of new features, refine existing offerings, and prioritize resources effectively. 

Time and Resource Savings: The integration of Flowres.io significantly reduced the time and resources spent on manually cutting clips. What used to be a tedious, time-consuming process was now accomplished effortlessly within the platform. The team could focus on analysing and interpreting the data, translating it into actionable steps for product improvement, and accelerating their development cycles. 

Increased Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing: The backroom of flowres.io enabled even observers to bookmark the moments apart from moderator. This meant that product team could attend the session and bookmark the moments.  Bookmarked moments saved by different team members is easily accessible on project dashboard. The platform allowed team members to share bookmarked moments and video clips with colleagues, promoting a deeper understanding of user insights and enabling more informed decision-making. This increased collaboration fostered a culture of knowledge sharing and innovation, leading to enhanced product ideation and refinement. 

Conclusion: By adopting Flowres.io, the edtech company transformed their user research process, revolutionizing their workflow and significantly improving efficiency. The ability to bookmark live conversation moments and effortlessly generate video clips empowered the company to gather valuable evidence to support their product tasks, resulting in more informed decision-making and improved product development. With Flowres.io, the edtech company successfully streamlined their research practices, saving time and resources while maintaining a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving edtech industry. 
Jiten Madia
Jun 13, 2023