MyTranscriptionPlace & – a Retrospective (2023) and Forward-Looking Vision (2024)

Dec 27, 2023, Maniish Karve
Hello folks! It is time for the final blog post of 2023.

I’d like to start by expressing my gratitude to all those who have partnered with us, and who we have partnered with. It has been a year of discovery, of heartburn, of inspiration, and of re-invention. And this is in large part to your support and partnership through the year. 

The one thing that has not changed in the last year, is our laser focus on delivering a positive impact in the life of a qualitative researcher. And we have strived to do that by listening to researchers, operations leaders, and project managers, and delivering managed services and platforms that make a difference. 

2024 approaches in a few days, and we look forward with optimism around the relationships we have built with you - our clients, our partners, and our extended team. We are super excited about the road ahead.

Today, we will reflect on key developments in 2023, and get a glimpse into what you can expect in 2024.

2023: Growth, Inspiration, User insights

In 2022, we expanded our manual language localization practice (, and launched our Qualitative Research platform ( Over the 12 months just past us, we have consolidated and strengthened both the practice and the platform. There are now more tools, and new services have also been added. Here are some highlights of what we have out there now. 

Enhanced AI-powered Transcription: With the rapid developments in generative AI, we made our first foray into automated transcription. Our AI engines, honed through rigorous development, now cover  over 40 languages, with specific capabilities to deal with healthcare terminology. While WER varies for languages, this offers researchers, project managers and analysts access to data from audio and video files much quicker than before.

Human curation – 99% accurate transcripts: Obviously, we won't settle for anything less than 99% accuracy in the aforementioned transcripts. We now have a curation practice established on top that allows us to get transcripts delivered in 24 hours or less. We continue to strengthen our team of native language speaking, skilled linguists, again specifically oriented for working with healthcare interviews. 

Research Hub for Zoom: While Zoom has gained widespread popularity as a virtual meeting platform, our customers did struggle to work around the limitations that impact qualitative research. We set about adding features such as multi-stream interpretation capabilities, seamless clipping/reel-making tools,  incentive distribution functionalities, and extensive tech-check and participant engagement. These features empower researchers to conduct multilingual research with unparalleled efficiency, opening doors to richer insights and diverse perspectives.

Generative AI Assistant: While AI chatbots have captured the imagination of the world with their uncanny human-like abilities, direct application in qualitative research was always up for debate, at least amongst our client base. We built and released this AI Assistant to help researchers navigate transcripts, extract insights, and engage in Q&A threads. The idea is to mimic the conversation between two researchers over a transcript to elicit insights.

Content coding tool: Since most of QDA is predicated on the availability of coded data, analysts have been using various commonly available tools and application. However, many of these give analysts nightmares when actually sorting the data and mapping it to codes for downstream reporting. Since Jiten and I have been there, done that, we wanted to take the painful aspects out of this ‘doing’. We launched a Content Analysis platform to simplify coding, enabling effortless categorization and unlocking rich depths for deeper analysis.

Expanding QDA Capabilities: Word clouds, visual trees – our expanded QDA visualization tools aim to provide tools for better insights into the data 

Global Recruitment: Finding the right respondents is often a logistical hurdle. We have tapped into our extensive network and now provide global recruitment services. 

Content Analysis at Scale: While launching the tool, uppermost in our mind was the fact that research teams need not just efficiency building tools. They needed a scalable solution that can deliver accuracy and speed in coding even the most challenging transcripts, in a consistent manner. Now there is a team of trained analysts to ensure our clients get access to transcripts in a structured and coded format that accelerates their 2nd level analysis processes.

Our clients have really taken to these tools and services, and are leveraging them to differentiate their products and services for their customers.

As one client recently put it - "... you are our competitive advantage"! 

2024 – Innovation, Collaboration, Augmentation

With all of these in place and purring, the new year has even more development in store, for our product and services road-map. I can safely say that our team is really, really looking forward to bring these to the researcher and project operations community, so convinced are we of the potential. Here is a sneak peek into the roadmap.

DIY automated transcription: Allows upload of media files and download of standard quality transcripts in minutes.

AI Tagging: Code transcripts easily, effortlessly, automatically, with the very structure required for your report writing.

AI Storyteller: Our Generative AI assistant will no longer be confined to individual projects. Work across projects and historical data, in real time.

QDA Dashboard: A platform that cradles the research workflow from transcripts to reports.

There are many more plans on the road-map, and we are looking forward to revealing them to you in the coming months. 

Beyond Technology: The Human Touch

While technology fuels our advancements, human expertise remains the cornerstone of MyTranscriptionPlace and In 2024, we will continue to prioritize human excellence, ensuring that every service, every interaction, every tool embodies the highest standards of quality and care.

As we celebrate our progress in 2023 and look forward to the boundless possibilities of 2024, we extend a heartfelt invitation to our clients, partners, and all those who share our passion for knowledge. Join us on this exciting journey, hand in hand, to explore the limitless possibilities for transformation.

Wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year!

Maniish Karve
Dec 27, 2023