Optimizing Incentive Distribution for Healthcare Research: A Case Study on a Healthcare Research Company

Jun 13, 2023, Jiten Madia


Conducting healthcare qualitative research in diverse regions can present unique challenges, especially when it comes to distributing incentives to doctors and patients. A prominent India based healthcare research organization, successfully leveraged the capabilities of flowres.io to streamline and optimize the incentive distribution process across various South Asian countries. This case study delves into the implementation and outcomes of their experience with flowres, highlighting the platform's effectiveness in incentivizing participants and facilitating research success. 


Our client specializes in healthcare research, focusing on understanding disease patterns, treatment outcomes, and patient experiences in South Asian countries especially related Oncology. Traditionally, incentive distribution for research participants posed significant logistical hurdles s a manual process. It was time consuming, labor some and ended up taking lot of time from some of the very senior research personnel. This also lead to delays in processing the incentives and sometimes heart burn and follow ups from respondents. All in all, our client recognized the need for a more efficient and reliable solution and turned to flowres.io specifically for incentive processing.  

The Challenges:  

Prior to adopting flowres, our client encountered several challenges in incentivizing doctors and patients in South Asian countries. These challenges included: 

a. Geographical and Cultural Diversity: Operating across different countries in South Asia meant dealing with diverse languages, currencies, and socio-cultural norms, different incentive forms making incentive distribution complex and time-consuming. 

b. Manual Processing and Administrative Burden: Traditional methods of incentive distribution, such as cash or checks, required significant administrative efforts, leading to errors, delays  

c. Lack of transparency:  When incentive processing was left at the mercy of fieldwork partners, there was no guarantee that the agreed incentive will be reaching to respondents.  

d. Willingness for re participation: Healthcare research requires going to same set of experts at set intervals given the limited audience (At the approved gaps by market research norms). Lack of transparency and processing delays can significantly spoil the research participation experience and hence willingness for participation.  

The Solution:  

Implementing flowres.io:  Our client recognized that flowres.io offered a comprehensive solution to address their incentive distribution challenges. By partnering with the platform, they gained access to the following key features: 

a. Multilingual and Multi-currency Support: flowres.io provided the ability to customize participant interactions in local languages and currencies, ensuring a seamless experience for doctors and patients across different South Asian countries. 

b. Automated Incentive Distribution: The platform's automated incentive distribution system eliminated the need for manual processing. Rewards were disbursed directly to participants' via virtual Visa cards or through gift vouchers of E commerce giants like Amazon and Lazada.  

c. Compliance and Data Security: flowres.io adhered to industry-standard security protocols, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive participant data. The platform also facilitated compliance with local regulations regarding financial transactions and data protection. 

Implementation and Outcomes: Integration of flowres.io proved highly successful in optimizing incentive distribution for their healthcare research initiatives. The following outcomes were observed: 

a. Improved Participant Engagement:  The streamlined incentive distribution process led to increased engagement and participation rates. Doctors and patients were more willing to contribute their insights and experiences to the research projects. 

b. Enhanced Efficiency and Accuracy: The automated incentive distribution system significantly reduced processing time and minimized errors. Our client experienced a notable reduction in administrative efforts and improved accuracy in rewarding participants, ensuring a fair and transparent approach. 

c. Cost Savings: By eliminating the need for manual processing and associated administrative tasks, Company achieved cost savings in incentive distribution. The platform's pricing structure provided flexibility and scalability, aligning with the organization's research needs and budget. 


Utilization of flowres.io as an online qualitative research platform proved instrumental in overcoming incentive distribution. 
Jiten Madia
Jun 13, 2023