How to choose between offline and online research

Sep 29, 2022, Sukanya Pant


Market research is the process of determining whether a new good or service is viable through interviews with potential customers. Organisations or corporations can use this technique to identify their target market, gather and record comments, and make wise decisions. Market research has many different types and can be conducted through many different methods. Surveys, in-depth interviews, polls, and focus groups are all methods used in market research.  


Main objectives of market research:  


1. Administrative: Facilitate a company's or business's growth by effective planning, coordination, and management of both people and material resources, and so meet all specific market demands at the appropriate moment. 

2. Social: Provide a necessary good or service that satisfies the customer's particular demands. When a customer consumes a product or service, it should do so in a way that is in accordance with their needs and preferences. 

3. Economic: Determine the economic likelihood that a business will succeed or fail when it enters a new market or otherwise introduces new goods or services. This will give all future decisions confidence. 

Offline research 

This research involves the researcher doing all of the legwork to locate the information. It may involve searching libraries, bookstores, and newsstands. It could imply speaking with people who are knowledgeable. It takes a long time and may necessitate travel to locate the information. This method teaches people to search for information on their own. Offline research does not provide instant results like online research. It does, however, develop and strengthen the research skills required to find information. This could be useful if you don't have access to the internet. Researchers who conduct offline research become acquainted with library archiving systems and search methods, which is a valuable skill. 


Online research 

The digital tools and processes used to gather information on a topic from an internet search are referred to as online research methods. The information gathered may include both factual data and expert opinions. Traditional pen-and-paper research techniques have given way to online research. Online research methods are analogous to asking a parent about a historical event in order to obtain information that will assist you in achieving a specific goal. Their information would consist of facts and opinions gathered from their memories. The methods for obtaining information may include storytelling, responses to questions, and body language expressions, all of which are used to obtain and share information. People can find the information they need more quickly by using online research methods. Online tools deliver information in real-time. This information would be much more difficult to find using traditional research methods (such as searching for books in a library). 


There are various aspects to both online and offline research.  

In offline research:

1. Offline research will lead you to experts who have done or studied something long enough to know more about it than most people.  

2. Footwork is a term used to describe the travel required to obtain information from multiple sources. 

3. Libraries are collections of books and other reading materials that are available for public or private use. 


In online research,  

1. Bookmarking is a technique used in online research to digitally save the address of a website so that you can return to it later.  

2. Copy and paste is the process of copying information that you want to see later and pasting it somewhere else.  

- Links are web addresses that you can click on to be taken to another website.  

- The sources from which the author of the website obtained information are referred to as resources. 


Both online and offline research have advantages and disadvantages. Online research works best for some people, while offline research works best for others. Finally, choose what is best and most convenient for you. is an online qualitative research platform. At flowres, we provide multiple features for all your qualitative research requirements, such as virtual client backrooms, interactive transcripts, email integration and much more. Contact [email protected] to know more about our services.  

Sukanya Pant
Sep 29, 2022