How to develop Consumer Empathy at scale by utilizing Online Consumer Qualitative Research Platforms?

Aug 11, 2022, Sukanya Pant

Empathy is when one can put oneself in another’s shoes, and truly feel what they’re feeling. Empathy means feeling what the other is feeling, and actively understanding their emotions. Consumer empathy too, means understanding and applying what the consumer feels. It is a value that all businesses should inculcate, since is has consumer satisfaction at it’s core.  

Consumer empathy is one of the most important ways by which companies interact with their consumers. Empathy helps brands relate with their customers and understand the motives, actions, and causes behind consumer behavior. Thus it plays a direct role in creating and improving products that customers want.  

Developing empathy should be at the heart of a company’s functioning. All executive business decisions should be driven by a need to provide the best for your customers.  It is important to hone your empathic skills to serve your clients as best you can to increase customer satisfaction, consequently leading to a better brand image. 

Developing consumer empathy  

Gone are the days of tedious field work for qualitative research, spending grueling hours gaining customer feedback, analyzing it and implementing it. With the world moving largely online, it only makes sense for processes like consumer research to follow suit. Online qualitative research platforms have come up to ease the process of consumer research. Such platforms provide several features to make consumer research methods easier to execute and manage.  

Challenges to consumer empathy  

Time Consuming 

Developing consumer empathy can be a tedious process. It proves to be very time consuming, taking weeks to go through each process of qualitative research. Project allocation, follow through, executive, interviewing endless customers becomes a very long drawn out process.  


Qualitative research methods are extensive and contain several processes and sub processes. Carrying out such labor intensive methods requires project management at a very large scale.  Coordinating research teams, collecting participants, conducting research, all prove to be burdensome to the entire company.  


Coordinating massive qualitative research campaigns becomes an expensive task. There are a lot of moving parts which require a large budget to execute. The undertaking of numerous research methods and their collection and analysis is a process that requires a well allocated budget.  

Advantages of online qualitative research platforms  

Expand customer research base  

One of the most useful features of working with online qualitative research agencies is the ability to reach a very large number of customers at once. The hassle of endless days of strenuous research methods is overcome by associating your company with an online qualitative research organization. Questionnaires, online focus groups, surveys etc. can reach much wider audiences than offline modes, and also be much more accessible.  

Data analysis  

With qualitative research platforms that are online, the ability to analyze collected data becomes readily available. Many online qualitative research platforms give you the option to present data in a more digestible format so that you can apply the findings to create better, more in-demand products and services. Such services take the burden off of your shoulders and present you with an understandable collection of findings.  

Online meeting platforms integrated  

Many online quality research platforms integrate online meeting platforms like Zoom to provide a seamless link for all members of your team. By integrating video meeting platforms, it becomes easy to execute research methods like interviews and focus groups, as well as all team meetings and discussions, thus reducing the amount of time given to project management.  


Flowres is an Online Qualitative Research tool built for qualitative research utilizing Zoom platform. Flowres helps companies achieve consumer empathy in efficient and cost-efficient manner. flowres was born out of an interaction with multiple market research companies. flowres integrates all the moving parts and reduces the project execution time by 40%. Reach out to [email protected] to know more about how flowres can help your brand develop consumer empathy.  

Sukanya Pant
Aug 11, 2022