flowres Offers

Project Management

Project managers can manage the entire collaboration including finding field agencies, setting up meetings, verifying customers,  co-ordinating with stakeholders and everything else that a project needs.


Senior and qualified moderators at transparent prices for the moderation of focus groups, depth interviews and all other qual interactions.

Discussion Guide Writing

A discussion guide is a prerequisite for ensuring a successful customer conversation.

Our qual researchers will work with you to understand study objectives and prepare the discussion outline.

Screener Writing

The screener helps in ensuring you get qualified customers. Our expert project managers can write a screener based on the target group criteria you provide.

Report Writing

Summarizing research is the most crucial step in concluding the study. Our senior and experienced qualitative researcher can prepare meaningful and visually striking reports in line with the study objectives.

Live Tech Support

We know there is a lot at stake when you conduct focus group. Flowres is intuitive and self-serve. Yet if you need, our support engineers can be around if there is a need for support.

The All-In-One Qualitative Research Tool You've Been Searching for

Flowres is an online qualitative research tool designed to make qualitative research collaborative, data integration and cloud-managed. Focus on research, not execution hassles.

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Improved Collaboration

Unlimited users for each project. Let all the project members including external suppliers foster and improve collaboration with communication integration, Task management and document management.

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Agile Process

The entire process is cloud-managed enabling seamless work and data flow.

Qualitative research gathers rich data about experiences, motivations, beliefs and mental and social dynamics. It strives for understanding, holistic descriptions and deep insights. Find out some interesting qualitative research tools software of 2022
Reliable Support Services

Support services like recruitment, discussion guide writing, screener writing, moderation and project management are provided by vetted suppliers of myMRPlace and language services like transcription, translation and interpretation are delivered through the experienced team of myTrancriptionPlace.