Customer Advisory Board

At flowres, we believe in practising what we preach.

We understand the importance of consumer intimacy and want to make every bit of effort to remain close to our consumers. We are always looking out for companies/ individuals who are enthusiastic about improving the quality of market research processes and contributing to better product building. We have created a customer advisory board for flowres where you can join and contribute to our product’s success.

What is in it for you?

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Highly Discounted product access to flowers

Enjoy all flowers feature benefits at a similar price that you pay for Zoom. 25 hours of backroom usage worth 250 USD a month.

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Early access to new product features

Contribute to the product building by testing out new features and satisfy your deep-rooted want of being a respondent.

Obligations as

Customer advisory board member

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1 hour every month per user in form of feature prioritization surveys and 1-on-1 interviews with flowers team.

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Shared Zoom Subscription

You will be sharing a total of 10 zoom licenses with around 50 companies worldwide. There is a possibility that a time slot might be occupied if all 10 licenses are in use.

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Subject to Fair Usage Policy

Each customer advisory account will come with maximum usage limitation of 50 hours of fieldwork time and 25 hours of backroom usage. (Additional backroom usage can be purchased at 10 USD a month).