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Revolutionize your qual report writing with flowres AI – it's like turbocharging your insighting process. With flowres AI, you can query and analyze text data, extract key themes, and receive comprehensive answers to your key questions accompanied by relevant verbatim quotes. Plus, flowres will streamline your workflow with automated transcriptions and translations for 40+ languages with seamless audio-to-text conversion. Helping you go from audios to insights in minutes.

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Platform that you can rely on

Flowres in one of the best qualitative research organization which is integrating video tools like Zoom will ensure your qualitative fieldwork can be scheduled, tracked, and conducted from the same place.

World-class Infrastructure

We index your transcripts into our AI memory on AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud known for its robustness and top-notch security. Responses to your queries are generated by OpenAI’s GPT-4 model, currently unparalleled in the market. However, unlike conventional ChatGPT, we employ composed pipelines to limit hallucinations and you can always refer back to the primary data and citations from where the responses are generated. All were achieved in a fraction of a minute.

Secure & Compliant

We follow the gold standard in information security & compliant with

We purge the data within 6 months or when the data owner requests for it. And we do not use your data to train any models. We have strong data protection agreement.

Why flowresAI


flowres AI was built with custom code and 5000+ hours of training.

flowres can handle multilingual audio and video files.


How it Works

Upload Audio/Video Files or Transcripts

flowres allows you upload audio/video files of FGDs/IDIs and run transcription or directly upload your transcripts.

Run Transcription

If you have uploaded audio/video files, you can run transcription on flowres. flowres can handle 19 leading languages and provides 95% accuracy for English transcription and up to 90 % accuracy for leading popular languages.

Ask Questions

Get answers from data across transcripts either in Chat or in review grid form. Delight your clients with instant analysis and summaries while you apply the best of Generative AI in your qualitative research workflow. Get supporting verbatim and exact sections of transcripts for you to verify.

Get answers in Grid

Answers get plotted in the grid format for each interview so that you can clearly see the difference in responses across the respondents along with overall summaries.

Export Answer

Export answers in word or excel for your further data analysis and offline viewing.


Please check if your question has been answered here before emailing us! We'd love to chat, but this saves our time and yours!

Flowres AI has a ‘near human’ transcription with option to get curated by a human being. Q & A Iin beta stage and with rapidly changing gen AI landscape, we ensure we use the best in the business to deploy for generating insights.

We are GDPR Compliant, HIPAA Compliant and SOC2 Compliant. All the analysts work only on our platform. That means we dont have to give out the audio and later get delete confirmation. We create NDA and Subprocessing agreement with all the vendors that we work with.

We use GPT 4 as a base.

Our pricing for ‘ Pay as You go’ plan starts from 45 USD per hour for the Transcription+ Q & A.

Yes. Depending on your requirement you can choose the bundled hour package from us.

We can handle English and other 19 primary language with decent accuracy.