100% Human

All our language services are delivered through qualified human linguists. Be it transcription or translation you can be assured of a real human working on your project.

Accuracy Guaranteed

Each language service comes with accuracy assurance. Transcription and Translation are always peer-checked by native linguists for accuracy and completeness. For interpretation, we have designed a qualification test. The interpreter are given focus group audio and our reviewer sits with a transcript to check interpretation accuracy and completeness.

Transparent Prices

myTrancriptionPlace has a price calculator with transparent prices. Prices vary as per language, number of speakers and delivery timelines.

Vast Language Coverage

myTrancriptionPlace covers 70+ languages for transcription and translation and 35+ languages for interpretation.

How it works (Transcription)

Estimate prices

Click a button to generate an automatic quote based on the language and length of the file right within the flowres dashboard.

myTranscriptionPlace Magic

We will assign the file to a carefully vetted, native transcriber. Each transcription would be checked by a native transcriber on a '3-point' quality check framework.

Receive Transcripts

Transcripts will be uploaded to your dashboard, and you will be notified as soon as the file is uploaded. The file will be available for you to download.


The All-In-One Qualitative Research Tool You've Been Searching for

Flowres is an online qualitative research tool designed to make qualitative research collaborative, data integration and cloud-managed. Focus on research, not execution hassles.

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Improved Collaboration

Unlimited users for each project. Let all the project members including external suppliers foster and improve collaboration with communication integration, Task management and document management.

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Agile Process

The entire process is cloud-managed enabling seamless work and data flow.

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Reliable Support Services

Support services like recruitment, discussion guide writing, screener writing, moderation and project management are provided by vetted suppliers of myMRPlace and language services like transcription, translation and interpretation are delivered through the experienced team of myTrancriptionPlace.