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Zoom x flowres

flowres integrates all your day-to-day research project work and communication tools to ensure nothing slips through. Zoom integration on flowres helps you track and manage fieldwork with your team on a platform where you manage your tasks, documents, and chat as well.

Zoom integration on flowres allows you to do extra. You can invite participants or respondents to your meeting and an email will be sent to them to perform a tech check so during the interviews there are no technical difficulties.

Following are prerequisites if you chose to manage this workflow on flowres -

  • flowres account (signup now!)
  • An admin Zoom account with an active webinar subscription

Adding the integration -

To get started, create a new project on flowres. You can invite your team, and suppliers and add details and documents for their reference or skip these steps.

Create Project on flowres

When you complete the process, you will be taken to the project dashboard. A project dashboard is a separate dashboard for each research project where you can collaborate with your invited team members. If you are doing this for the first time, you will see a button “Sign in with Zoom” on the left.

Sign in with Zoom on flowres

Click on the button and authorize flowres for the following permissions -

  • Webinars - flowres can create and manage webinars with this permission. It is used when you or your team create a webinar from the project dashboard and invite respondents for the meeting.
  • Recordings - flowres use this permission to check recordings and fetch recordings that you did during the meet. These recordings are then made accessible in the project's document folder.
  • Reports - You and your team will be able to create respondents' reports and keep track together without having to leave the project dashboard.

Once you are done authorizing flowres, you will be taken back to the project dashboard. You can create a new meeting/webinar with very few details -

Create a new Zoom meet on flowres

Once you create the meet, you will have the option to add external participants or respondents. You can paste a list directly from Excel/CSV/Google Sheet, or add it on your own. The invited participant will receive a tech check link to ensure there will be no basic issues such as internet, camera, and microphone.

Zoom meet participant tech check on flowres

When the meeting concludes, you will be able to see meeting recordings and reports, shared between your team and suppliers on the project. You can also download them on your local system.

Troubleshooting -

f you run into trouble, in most cases, you will get an alert about the problem. You can refer to the following checklist to ensure everything sails smoothly -

  • Ensure your Zoom account has an active webinar subscription.
  • Ensure it's the admin of the Zoom account authorizing the permission.
  • Try signing out of your flowres account and signing again if nothing works.
  • Contact us on live chat (bottom right) for a quick resolution.

Removing your Zoom integration with flowres -

You can remove access from your Zoom account. Follow the below steps to do so -

  • Sign in to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.
  • Click Manage > Added Apps.
  • Click the “flowres” app.
  • Click Remove.

Please note that at any point, we don’t save any of your Zoom data that was not initiated on flowres. For example, if you created “Meeting 1”, “Meeting 2”, and “Meeting 3”, 1 & 3 on Zoom and 2 on flowres, flowres will only have data for Meeting 2. Meeting created by you on flowres stays even after your remove Zoom integration. To remove this data, you can delete the project you created on flowres.

If you need help with integration and understanding more about the process, our team is here to help! Click the chat icon on the right side to open a support ticket or have a conversation directly if we are online.

Spends time on meaningful thinking tasks, not on project management.

The All-In-One Qualitative Research Tool You've Been Searching for

Flowres is an online qualitative research tool designed to make qualitative research collaborative, data integration and cloud-managed. Focus on research, not execution hassles.

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Improved Collaboration

Unlimited users for each project. Let all the project members including external suppliers foster and improve collaboration with communication integration, Task management and document management.

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Agile Process

The entire process is cloud-managed enabling seamless work and data flow.

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Reliable Support Services

Support services like recruitment, discussion guide writing, screener writing, moderation and project management are provided by vetted suppliers of myMRPlace and language services like transcription, translation and interpretation are delivered through the experienced team of myTrancriptionPlace.

Frequently Asked Question

Spends time on meaningful thinking tasks, not on project management

flowres is meant to be useful for Qualitative research practitioners regardless of their organizational size. Working on Qualitative research involves a lot of collaboration. If your project involves collaboration flowres is going to be a valuable tool.
Prior to launching flowers, we did detailed user research. 40% time saving is the average user estimate from 40+ users.
flowers run on the most secure infrastructure. Same as leading websites like Uber and Airbnb does. flowres also complies with the most stringent data privacy guidelines set up by GDPR.
flowres is a culmination of our experience of working with more than 2000+ research projects, 100+ buyers and 560+ research suppliers. flowres is absolutely user friendly. But don’t take our word for it. Signup and experience for yourself. And if you still need our help, we are always here. We will walk that extra mile to help you regardless of whether you are a free or a paid user.
Yes. flowres is equally useful even for teams relying on internal field teams. flowres is a project management and collaboration tool available for all qualitative practitioners regardless of whether you use internal or external team for data collection and recruitment.
There is a flowres app as well but not with full features. It has mainly messaging functionality right now.
Yes. With flowres, you can onboard agency suppliers as well as freelancers.
flowres is hosted on Amazon Web Infrastructure.