Leveraging flowres for Efficient Video Editing and Insights Delivery

Jun 15, 2023, Jiten Madia

Our client is a leading market research firm based in Singapore working for a large Appliance manufacturer. The multi country study was conducted along with online ethnography as component in the study where each consumer submitted several self reported videos of their interaction with their washing machine. Total 42 customers had generated the video footage of more than 7 hours. The client wanted to trim down the footage to 3 minutes per customer.  However, the traditional methods they employed for video editing and insights delivery proved to be time-consuming and cumbersome. 

Challenges Faced by the Client: 

Prior to utilizing our Flowres, the client encountered several challenges in their research process, including: 

Tedious Video Editing Process: 

The client struggled with manual video editing, which required sifting through lengthy recordings to extract relevant insights. This process was time-consuming, leading to delays in delivering results to their clients. 

Inefficient Collaboration: 

Collaboration among team members and external stakeholders posed a significant challenge. Sharing and gathering feedback on video edits was a cumbersome task, often resulting in miscommunications and further delays. 

Timely Insights Delivery: 

The client need to finish the entire editing work in 4 days. That involved timestamped transcription, video cutting, editing and creating video reels. Traditional methods hindered their ability to deliver vox pop videos and findings in such short duration impacting their overall research efficacy. 


Traditional method involved expertise and knowledge of video editing and that means hiring a freelancer, briefing them and also creating one more process dependency. 

Flowres implementation: 

To overcome the aforementioned challenges, the client adopted  flowres, an innovative solution designed to streamline qualitative research processes. The platform offered the following key features: 

a. Automated Transcription and Analysis: 

The platform utilized automatic transcription and analysis tools to swiftly transcribe the video recordings and create accurate, timestamped and interactive transcription enabling easy navigation and search functionalities. This feature significantly reduced the time spent manually reviewing lengthy videos. 

b. Cloud-Based Video Editing: 

By moving the video editing process to the cloud, the platform allowed multiple team members to collaborate seamlessly. They could trim, annotate, and organize videos, ensuring efficient editing workflows and enabling effective feedback exchange. 

c. Secure and Centralized Data Storage: 

The platform provided a secure and centralized repository for all research data, including video recordings, transcripts, and insights. This centralized storage improved data accessibility and reduced the risk of information loss. 

d. Easy editing abilities 

Flowres allows video cutting just by text selection. This meant precise cutting of videos real quick and without any special video editing expertise.   

Results and Benefits: 

By leveraging our Flowres, the client achieved several significant outcomes: 

1. Enhanced Productivity: 

The automation features within the platform significantly reduced the time spent on manual transcription and video editing tasks. This efficiency gain enabled the research team to allocate more time to higher-value activities, such as analysis and interpretation. 

2. Streamlined Collaboration: 

The cloud-based video editing capabilities of the platform improved collaboration among team members and external stakeholders. They could work together seamlessly, share feedback, and make real-time edits, enhancing the overall efficiency of the research process. 

3. Faster Insights Delivery: 

The combined benefits of automated transcription, streamlined video editing, and improved collaboration enabled our client to deliver insights to their clients more quickly. This improved turnaround time positively impacted client satisfaction and strengthened their market position. 


Through flowres, our client overcame the challenges associated with video editing and insights delivery. By leveraging automatic transcription, easy and cloud-based video editing capabilities and collaboration features, they achieved enhanced productivity and accelerated insights delivery. Our platform proved to be an invaluable tool in optimizing the client's qualitative research process.
Jiten Madia
Jun 15, 2023